UPR-rapport om Norge 2024

Stakeholder report from the Norwegian NGO-Forum for Human Rights to the 4th UPR cycle review of Norway in 2024.

The report reflects the main concerns of the organisations listed below:

The organisations are members of the Norwegian NGO Forum for Human Rights, a network of 42 organisations (www.ngoforum.no). The listed organisations have drafted different parts of the report and may not have policies in sections dealing with issues beyond their mandates.

The report builds on previous alternative reports by the NGO Forum to the UN UPR, the UN Human Rights Committee and the UN Committee against Torture. The Forum’s most recent alternative reports are available on its website.

FIAN has submitted point 17 regarding the Right to Food and Norway’s petroleum industry and point 20 regarding Violations of the rights of older people in institutions, including adequate food.

Norway received 241 recommendations, fully accepted 176, and partially accepted 11 in the 3rd cycle. Some NGO Forum recommendations in the 3rd cycle were not accepted and may be repeated in this report. This report does not intend to be a comprehensive statement of human rights problems in Norway. The fact that an issue is not addressed in the report does not mean it is not a relevant human rights concern.