Business, Human Rights, and Nutrition

Poor diets constitute the world’s leading cause of early deaths.With obesity on the rise, including in childhood, people are becoming further predisposed for cancer, diabetes 2, and cardiovascular diseases. How can a human rights-based approach to food and diet-related health make a difference? Les mer →

Brudd på retten til amming!

Amming er et av de viktigste tiltakene globalt for å hindre sykdom og dødsfall blant barn under 5 år. At mor får tilstrekkelig informasjon og støtte til amming er en del av barns rett til helse og ernæring. Uetisk markedsføring av morsmelkerstatning er et brudd på Barnekonvensjonen. Les mer →

Peoples’ Nutrition is Not a Business

The right to adequate food and nutrition is violated across the world on a daily basis. Simultaneously, food and nutrition is becoming big business and corporations are increasingly taking control over food production, institutions and policy spaces. These issues, and more, were discussed at the Norwegian launch of the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch. Les mer →